Seller FAQs

Seller FAQs


What types of accelerated marketing do you offer?

SVN Gilmore Auction & Realty offers Online Auctions, Live Auctions, Live Auctions with Simultaneous Online Bidding,  Sealed Bids, and Dual Bids. Each event is tailored to the needs of each seller. SVN Gilmore Auction realizes that an auction offers an expedited, controlled selling environment for the right property and situation, frequently yielding a better price for the seller. Auctions are often mistaken to be reserved for distressed properties even though they are a viable option in marketing an asset in many circumstances.


Is the online auction the best method?

In our opinion, the online auction produces the highest sale price for many reasons. First, bidders may use our app, SVN Auctions, on their smartphone and can bid from anywhere in the world. Second, a bidder can set a MAX or maximum bid and not worry about bidding until he/she is outbid. Third, the bidding usually stays open for 4-7 days, so the bidder has ample time to consider the bid decisions. Fourth, the "soft" or "dynamic" close feature gives the bidder multiple chances to reconsider and bid again. 


Does it really matter which company I employ to sell my real estate?

Yes, it does. We believe that you need a company with vast experience that has the ability to promote your property and produce sales creatively.  The SVN Gilmore Team has sold over 15,000 properties in more than 25 states since 1983.  We have represented Banks, Private Sellers, Government Agencies, Corporate Clients, Bankruptcy Trustees, and Estates in events from one property to multi-property sales of 150 or more. Our team has sold homes, land, waterfront condos, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, apartments, and industrial properties. Our team is fully integrated throughout the country and globally with over 1600 SVN International brokers and advisors. Our clients benefit from exposing their properties to a national market. We have sold real estate assets ranging in value from $5000 to $37,000,000. You need to go with a proven winner in accelerated sales. It's the SVN Difference. That’s SVN Gilmore Auction & Realty. 


What costs are associated with hiring SVN Gilmore?

Generally, zero. That’s right. In most cases, the buyer pays the commission in the form of a buyer’s premium, and there are no other fees. Should the seller request specific marketing, there may be an advertising charge.


What can a seller do to assist in the sale of the property?

In today’s real estate market, it sometimes helps to provide a property inspection report or an appraisal. This removes any uncertainty the bidders may have about the asset before bidding. Please ask one of our staff to discuss this with you during your initial call.


Can I set a “minimum” on my property? I don’t want to give it away!

Yes, of course. In 35+ years, we have not “given away” any real estate. We will analyze your asset and consult with you on a minimum or reserve price for your property. This becomes a confidential reserve.


Do you guys utilize “social media” in your marketing?

Absolutely. The Internet has changed marketing forever. In addition to the standard newspaper and direct mail media, we have corporate and personal accounts for Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


How am I protected if the final bid is below the reserve?

In a reserve sale, you have the ability to reject or counter the final bid. If we cannot make a deal with the winning bidder, we will list the property for a period after the event. We are in the sales business, and many of our sales are put together after an accelerated sales event. We utilize the “momentum” from the event to make the eventual sale for you. Or, we may choose to offer your property in another auction.


What does the term “absolute” or unreserved auction mean?

The term “absolute” or unreserved means the property will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. As you can imagine, this method will generate more bidders and usually a higher price than a sale with reserve.


Who can benefit from your Accelerated Marketing program?

Realtors represent properties that may not be selling or properties with bidding wars. Our method enables the bidders to compete and not just send in a blind offer.

Attorneys representing clients that may need to sell in a defined time frame, under a court order, or require transparency in the transaction.

Estates: the heirs may not live in the same state as the property or cannot agree on the pricing. Our methods allow the heirs to bid individually in a fair transaction

Banks: vacant REO properties can be very costly if not sold quickly.

Developers: wanting to “cash out” and move on to another project.

Trustees: who need a “transparent” sale that is fair to all and produces the highest sales price.

Homeowners: that find their home sitting on the market with no offersOur methods spotlight your property and produce interest and bids.

Government Agencies: The Utah Dept. of Transportation UDOT, United States Dept. of Agriculture USDA, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. FDIC, Small Business Administration SBA, US Marshals Service, Louisiana Land Trust, Jefferson Parish, and the City of Kenner have all utilized our services to sell real estate.