Jefferson Parish/City of Kenner Adjudicated Properties

Jefferson Parish/City of Kenner Adjudicated Properties

Jefferson, Louisiana, September 15, 2007 – Gilmore Auction & Realty, one of the nation’s premier Accelerated Marketing firms, has sold 207 Adjudicated properties located throughout Jefferson Parish and the City of Kenner.  The auction was held in the Parish Council Chambers at the Yenni Building in Jefferson.  The Council Chamber was filled to capacity with 247 bidders competing to purchase the residential, industrial and commercial land parcels.

Total under contract is $1,916,500 with the sales scheduled to close between September 24 and November 19.  Titles have been abstracted and each property will be sold with an insured title.

Francis J. Braud, Vice President of Gilmore Auction, stated “We are very pleased to be able to place these properties back into commerce and on the tax rolls again.  Our process is a win-win for the Parish, City and buyer.&rdquo

Gilmore Auction & Realty has sold over 1,000 Adjudicated Properties for Jefferson Parish, St. Charles Parish and the City of Kenner  Another Jefferson Parish Adjudicated Property Auction is scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

For more information contact David E. Gilmore – 504-468-6800.

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