RE Agents & Bidders

Why Buy or Sell

Any time your question involves a maximum return on your property with the least amount of time or effort, your answer is an auction.

If you’re holding property that you need to sell and haven’t considered auction as a viable alternative, here’s why you should.

In the past few years, the world has watched as homes, office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, acreage, and industrial properties sold at auctions for millions. We’ve seen the online auction become an everyday method to sell real estate.

The time has passed when people thought of auctions as a means of liquidating assets that could be sold no other way. Today, an auction isn’t just a sale; an auction means excitement! It’s an event – and people just love to participate.

The psychology of auction drives your property value continually upward. It creates a dynamic situation, as each person’s decision to bid is positively reinforced by the continued bidding decisions of other buyers. This builds an atmosphere in which the perceived value of your property is constantly reevaluated – upward. This positive reinforcement results in convinced and happy buyers.

Best of all, the auction provides you with an immediate conversion of property to cash. It returns the market value of your property – with minimal investment in time and money.

Once you understand why auction is the best alternative for you, let us explain the Gilmore Advantage.

  • We do the marketing

  • We plan your auction event

  • We take care of all the details that produce a winning situation for buyers and sellers.

Don’t wait for months or even years to move your property. Let us show you how the Gilmore Advantage can save you time and money.